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Seminar days

7. Seminar day in Karlsruhe - IPC meets GRK 2039
Programm 7 Sd

Thanks to the organizer's Franziska und Violetta as well as to our guests Timo Graen, Sebastian Höfener and Igor Shapiro and to Prof. Elstner. 

6. Seminar day in Lutzenberg - BIG-IGS meets GRK 2039
BIF-GRK-Gruppenbild_deutsche Seite
5. Seminar day & 1. Retreat (Lauterbad)




4. Seminar day: Fluorescence and Single Molecule Spectroscopy (Trifels)


3. Seminar day: Chemical Bioconjugation (Hohenwart)



2. Seminar day: GRK meets the Institute of Toxicology and Genetics (ITG)