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GRK Insight Lectures

GRK Insight Lectures are planned to be held annually by scientists who are participating or associated researchers of the GRK. The idea behind the GRK Insight Lectures is to inform young people about the activities of the GRK and to show how research is influencing our everyday lives. The presentations are specifically designed for scholars at the end of the gymnasium time (Abiturienten) and teachers who are interested in life science research and who want to make cutting-edge research a part of their biology/chemistry lessons. The slides offer attractive graphical illustrations, short text explanations which are reduced to the point and a coherent design which makes it easy to understand complex topics.

The aim is to raise the interest of young students (in school, grades 12 or 13) in these topics to encourage, in particular female students, for a career in natural sciences. Therefore, particularly the female participants of the GRK will be encouraged to present these insight lectures as role models for young students. 

1st GRK Insight Lecture (2016)

The first GRK Insight Lecture will take place on 14th July 2016.

When: 3:00 till 4:00 pm

Where: KIT Campus South/ Building 30.41/ Lecture Hall I (see https://www.kit.edu/campusplan/)

We are pleased to welcome around 50 scholars and their teachers of the Markgrafen-Gymnasium in Durlach and Wilhem-Hausenstein-Gymnasium in Durmersheim.


Bilder der 1. Insight Lecture vom 14. Juli 2016 (von Ilona Wehl)