Welcome to the Research Training Group (RTG) 2039 - Molecular architecture for fluorescent cell imaging

The core idea of our RTG is to merge organic  chemistry, chemical biology, biophysics,  theoretical/physical chemistry, and cell biology to  develop tailor-made fluorescent probes that enable  researchers to address important biological questions by optical imaging. As a result of the combined efforts of these complementary research fields, the RTG covers the complete evaluation line for fluorescent probes ranging from design, synthesis, and photophysics over bioconjugation, to in vivo imaging. 

This interdisciplinarity is also projected into our qualification programme. Regular thematic lectures, seminar days and annual workshops help  doctoral researchers to develop skills on a high scientific level.

By the fusion into an uniform and structured research, supervision and teaching concept, the RTG represents a crucial benefit for all RTG members. The goal here is to support the doctoral researchers with interdisciplinary scientific and networking competences to advance their research and to prepare them for their future career in the best possible way.