Research Training Group (RTG) 2039 - Events


Lecture Days

Guest lectures provide actual knowledge on scientific or methodological topics that are of special importance to this RTG. PhD students of the RTG 2039 have the possibility to precent their recent results to the guests or meet the guest before or after the lecture to discuss on an informal level. Thereby, the competences in scientific presentation and networking are improved.

Seminar Days

Seminar days are focused on distinct topics that are important for the interdisciplinary RTG and include introductory or complementary tutorials given by PIs or guest speakers, keynote lectures or if possible lab tours and practical training tours. Thus, seminar days provide a great platform to teach RTG relevant topics in a broad context and intensify communication among the collaborating and non-collaborating PhD researchers.


At the annual retreat students present their research work as status reports and develop ideas for the future course of their projects. The retreats last 2-3 days and are an essential educational tool to improve networking and to strengthen presentation techniques.

Soft skills / Workshops

Scientific success does not only depend on the technical and scientific knowledge but also on your interpersonal soft skills. Therefor, the RTG offers training units in topics as communication, teamwork, problem solving or creative thinking.

Insight lectures

Insight Lectures are held annually by scientists who are participating or associated researchers of the GRK. The idea is to inform young people about the activities of the GRK and to show how research is influencing our everyday lives. Presentations are specifically designed for scholars at the end of the gymnasium time (Abiturienten) and teachers who are interested in life science research and who want to make cutting-edge research a part of their biology/chemistry lessons. The aim is to raise the interest of young students (in school, grades 12 or 13) in these topics to encourage, in particular female students, for a career in natural sciences.