Agenda 2016

19th January
5th Lecture day: Prof. Nicolas Wissinger "PNA-programmed self-assemblies in chemical biology" pdf
KIT, Criegee-Hörsaal
15th - 16th February
4th Seminar Day: Fluorescence and Sigle Molecule Spectroscopy pdf
Kurhaus Trifels
9th - 10th March
Softskill course: Special Communication and Presentation Skills Exemplified for Enterpreneurship pdf
4th - 6th April
1st Retreat and 5th Seminar Day: Illumination of biological processes from different points of view - GRK 2039 meets CLiC Frankfurt pdf
Lauterbad, Waldhotel Zollernblick
9th - 10th May
Softskill course: Interdisciplinary Competences pdf
KIT, CS, 10.11/111.2
20th May 
6th Lecture Day: Prof. Don C. Lamb "Using Fluorescence to Watch Proteins Dance, Viruses Assemble and Mitochondria Move" pdf
KIT, Institut für Angewandte Physik
4th -6th July
6th Seminar Day: GRK 2039 meets BIF-IGS      Booklet Pictures
Ludwigsburg, Haus Lutzdenberg
14th July
Insight Lecture & School Days: Transport von Wirkstoffen und Medikamenten ins Gehirn  pdf
KIT, CS, Bld. 30.41/ Lecture Hall 1
26th September
7th Seminar Day: GRK2039 meets IPC "Why Theory Rocks!"  pdf
KIT, Institute for Physical Chemistry
25th Oktober
7th Lecture Day: Prof. Kazuya Kikuchi "Design, synthesis of fluorescence probes which convert biological function to optical output" pdf
KIT, Criegee-Hörsaal